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Crash Team Rumble initially it seems like an unexpected diversion for those who are long-timers Crash Bandicot series, but it’s way more entertaining than one might expect. I went to practice with Crash Team Rumble at Summer Game Fest Play Days, and once I figured out his Wumpa collection goals, I had a blast discovering winning strategies with my teammates. However, it seems like a pretty significant change for developer Toys for Bob, who spent the 2010s working on it Skylanders, Spyro Reignited TrilogyAND Crash Bandicoot 4: The time has come.

Crash Team Rumble – Gameplay Launch Trailer

Between Crash Bandicoot 4 and now a great change has taken place in the studio. Publisher Activision Blizzard has moved Toys for Bob into the role of a support studio for call of Dutyas of 2021, a controversial decision that has been met with swift backlash from Crash fans. This change has reportedly led to an exodus of game developers from the studio and caused an internal delay for Crash Team Rumblewhich has been in the works since before the launch of CrASh Bandicoot 4 and was supposedly rejected because of the call of Duty move.

Whether or not you agree with Activision Blizzard’s decision, game developers evolve over time and all their previous experiences can influence future projects. Talking to Creative Director Dan Neil after playing the game Crash Team Rumble at Summer Game Fest, I got a better sense of how the team is trying to use its split time to work towards call of Duty to produce Crash Team Rumble a better live-service game.

Duty crash

Having been interviewed in a setting like Summer Game Fest’s Play Days, Neil wouldn’t have expressed displeasure with Activision Blizzard’s management if he harbored grievances. However, when asked about the history of studies with call of Dutyreflected positively on this change and pointed out that Toys for Bobs supports active live service Call of Duty: Warzone gave them answers to some valuable questions developers have to ask themselves when working on a live service game like Crash Team Rumble.

It’s no secret that we’re working on it call of Duty, Neil tells Digital Trends. We’re super proud that our team who traditionally make games that look the most Accident has been able to turn the hand so successfully and create great content for call of Duty. There have been lessons from the work on call of Dutysuch as how to run large seasons of live content, what makes a great season of content, how to message a community, how to listen to and respond to community wishes, and how to deal with more tedious technical stuff like servers.


While the initial idea for Crash Team Rumble it reportedly precedes the work of the studios call of Duty, Toys for Bob hopes its experience with Activision’s biggest franchise gives them the right tools to make it a successful live-service game that the studio can call its own. It’s no secret that breaking into the live service space is tough nowadays, and Crash Team Rumble will have an even bigger hurdle to overcome as a premium version (Neil declined to comment because this is a premium version and not a free one). However, Neil believes that rampant pre-launch playtesting and a desire to hear what the gaming community has to say afterward will make this popular game a success.

Similar plans

While Crash Team Rumble it couldn’t look or play more differently than Call of Duty: Warzone, both games have very similar long-term plans. Two post-launch seasons for Crash Team Rumble are confirmed at this point, with the first one running from launch until September 12th. The first season of the game will add new characters, maps, and powers, and will also feature some limited-time modes and cosmetics. It will also have the free and premium battle passes that are standard in most modern multiplayer games. Neil tells Digital Trends that Toys for Bob intends to maintain this type of content cadence for future seasons.

If you know game development, you know that we already have to think several steps forward because these things don’t happen overnight, says Neil. Returning to call of Duty, one of the things we’ve learned is how to structure a season so that there’s always a fun reason to come back, like limited-time modes or cosmetics. This is something we have taken [from Call of Duty] very strongly.


Though I’d like to see Toys for Bob eventually go back and make single player platformers with characters like Accident AND Sipro,Crash Team Rumble it’s a multiplayer spin-off that actually works. It is a fun game for fans of platformers and multiplayer games like call of Duty, one that feels worthy of Toys For Bobs time. Developers change over time, sometimes in ways we don’t like as fans, but it’s always interesting to see how a team’s next title builds on the last game they worked on.

In Rumble by Crash Team case, Toys for Bob hopes to learn from call of Duty as well as reacting quickly to what the community asks of them after launch are enough to help them make this the next big live game.

Crash Team Rumble will launch for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on June 20.

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